Frequently asked questions

  1. What does StolenAndFound do?

    StolenAndFound creates an innovative online ecosystem to get alert on lost, stolen and found items. Here you can register your stolen/lost or found item, we offer a matching service that matches the consumer's lost database ad with information entered into our found database by other users.
  2. How to register with StolenAndFound?

    You can register through the Registration page, by entering your First name, Last name, Email and a relevant password.
    You will be logged in directly and a verification link will be sent to the registered email.
    This link should be verified within 24hours.
  3. Does StolenAndFound charge for their services?

    No, we do not charge for the services we provide. Posting your ad with StolenAndFound is free of cost.
  4. How do I pre-register my belonging?

    To preregister your items go to Secure your items in your dashboard after login. Describe all the details there by selecting exact category. You can change or manage the status of your registered items later if it is lost/stolen.
  5. Is my data encrypted during transit?

    Yes, all transit communications through is encrypted using SSL.
  6. Will StolenAndFound share my personal information to third parties?

    No we do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent. Only the information of your stolen or lost item is shared to public.
  7. Where do I check to know if my lost item is found? How do I claim it?

    To check your lost/stolen item go to Home page, In search option select exact category and click on "Found", enter the IMIE/Serial/keywords of your item. If the item is found it appears there. Click on button "claim" to claim your item, you will be contacted by our customer support.
  8. How to check if I purchased a genuine product?

    To make sure that you have purchased a genuine product go to Home page In search option select exact category and click on "Stolen" or click on "lost", enter the IMIE/Serial/keywords of your item. If you find your item there this means that you have purchased a stolen/lost product.
  9. How do I delete a found item from my dashboard?

    Once your item is found it will be moved to "Secure your items" list in your dashboard. To delete the 'found item' go to manage items in "Secure your items", here you can edit, delete or change the status to stolen/lost.
  10. How can I delete my stolen or lost phone details which I have reported?

    You cannot delete an item which is reported stolen or lost but you can edit the details of your phone or change the status to found, by changing the status to found your item details will not be available in public.
  11. How do I change my password?

    Go to "My profile" in your dashboard after login, there you can enter your new password and confirm password. Once your password is changed, login with your new password.
  12. How do I report a found item? where do I report a stolen or lost phone?

    StolenAndFound allows you to report your found item. In the homepage of the website it has a report button to report lost,stolen and found items. Select the exact category and Serial/IMEI/CHASSIS number while reporting to avoid duplication. NOTE: You should be logged in to report an item.
  13. What does community forum do?

    Community in allows you to share ideas on different topics. Here you can like, share, comment the public posts.
  14. What is the list mentioned in home page?

    Home page displays a brief history of latest lost/stolen items. You can search for a lost/stolen item here by using exact details of the particular item. You can also comment, share the lost/stolen items
  15. Where do I search for a lost or stolen item?

    In the homepage search option allows you to serach your lost/stolen or found items with exact category and keywords.
  16. How do I track my lost phone with StolenAndFound?

    You can easily track your lost phone by search option in the homepage of StolenAndFound. Note: Enter the exact IMEI number for tracking.
  17. What is the maximum image size that can be uploaded?

    Maximum size of the image to be uploaded should be less than 1 Mb.
  18. How can I share the lost/stolen item description?

    The list in home page displays the lost and stolen items. You can share the details of the lost/stolen item by simply clicking on "share" button. This allows you to share the item through Facebook, Twitter and Mail.
  19. How can I contact the admin of StolenAndFound?

    In your dashboard after login you have an option called message in left panel. This allows you to message to Admin regarding any queries. You can also write to us through our contact us page.
  20. Does StolenAndFound allows me to delete or edit my registered lost/stolen or found item details?

    You are allowed to edit and delete only your pre-registered items. You can also edit your lost/stolen and found items in your user dashboard.